Alfons Sofa



Perfectly blending cozy cushions and clean lines, the Alfons Linen Sofa was designed and crafted to be used for years to come. This sofa is not the typical Asian import found in discount stores, but rather a premium quality piece of furniture thanks to the extensive use of fine materials such as its sturdy North American hardwood frame. The sofa’s comfort comes from the extensive use of HR foam, springs, and a linen blend fabric designed to be used year-round.



Depth Lenght Depth Height
Classic 60″ 36″ 32″
Classic 72″ 36″ 32″
Classic 90″ 36″ 32″
Deep Plush 60″ 43″ 32″
Deep Plush 72″ 43″ 32″
Deep Plush 90″ 43″ 32″
Weight N/A

Brown, Charcoal, Grey, Sand, Off White, Black, Gold, Pearl, Blue, Red, Esmerald, Granite, Expresso, Smoke, Orange, Pewter




Deep Plush, Sofa


Leather, Linen Blend, Velvet

Yardage Requirements

13, 15, 16

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