At Pacifica Home Company(PHC) we offer high-quality products at manufacturer direct prices and we want you to be completely satisfied. We ship thousands of orders per week and have many satisfied customers all over the world. We expect you to love our products. However, in the event you don’t, what follows is information you must know about our return policy.

If a product fails to meet your expectations, our customer care team will work to come to a reasonable and expedient solution, subject to our terms and conditions.
We make all of our products on demand when you place your order. As such, you have 10 business days to change your mind about the order you placed. If you do so, you will not be liable for any cost.

If you change your mind after 10 business days of the day you placed your order, your cancellation will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.
In the unlikely event that we agreed to accept a custom order (an order that was built outside of our catalog products), that order is non-returnable unless it is defective or not built according to customer specifications.

If you decide to cancel an order after that order was shipped, you will be responsible for all shipping related costs.

If you decide to cancel an order after you receive it and you decide to cancel it because it did not fit in your home, color was not what you wanted, did not like the item, you misinterpreted the image or any other reason that is not PHC fault, you will be responsible for all shipping related costs.

If any of the components or materials used in our products appear in your opinion to be defective, you first need to consult with our customer service or sales associates as our furniture is 100% handmade and often times what you think is a defective mark on a leather hide or wood board, is simply the character shown in our organically sourced products. In the event there is a real flaw in a product we delivered, we will evaluate whether or not it can be diligently corrected or if a replacement is needed and we will proceed accordingly. In the unlike event that you refuse to have PHC correct the problem and you require a refund, you will be responsible for 100% of the shipping costs both ways. That means the original cost of shipping from PHC to you and the cost of shipping from you to PHC.

If an issue arises with the product after 10 days of the product being in your house, your return is subject to PHC’s manufacturer’s warranty and can be returned under those conditions. All PHC’s products come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If the product you purchased from PHC became defective after 1-year manufacturer’s warranty expired, PHC will evaluate the issue and may, under its own discretion, authorize the customer to return the product to have it repaired. In this case, all shipping cost is the customer’s responsibility.

In the event of shipping damage, you must note the damage in the bill of lading and the product should not be accepted. If you sign off the bill of lading without any comments about stains or any kind of damage, the shipping company will not be accepting any responsibility and your claim will be denied.

All refunds are made to the original credit card.

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